Friday, September 2, 2011

Harris Teeter eVIC weekend specials! 9/3+

Check your email for the eVIC specials- maybe we will see more on Sunday too?

Rumor has it we may see TRIPLES at HT this month... (thanks moolasavingmom for the tip) If so all coupons under .99 will TRIPLE instead of double (up to 20 per day)

Best eVIC deal tomorrow?

TIDE 100 oz $7.77 (Limit 2)

This on its face is like 2 reg size bottles for $3.88 which is a good price for TIDE.

There is a .50 coupon from 8/28 that will double and an eVIC digital for $1 making it $5.77
(like 2 reg size bottles for 2.89 each) SWEET

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